Monday, January 20, 2014

Moonlight on Linoleum: A Daughter's Memoir

Title: Moonlight on Linoleum: A Daughter's Memoir Author: Terry Helwig Publisher: Howard Books Pages: 282 C. 2011

WOW. A powerful story of hurt and hope and healing. A fascinating coming of age novel and memoir. Terry Helwig's story begins in Iowa, where she and her sister live with their biological father and teenage mother. Their mother eventually abandons them and leaves them with their father and his parents. Later, she comes back and takes them to Texas to live with her new husband- the man they would come to think of as Daddy. Two girls eventually become six as they travel from town to town in Texas, Colorado, and eventually California following their step-father's job. Living with their mothers dependence on pain pills and numerous infidelities, the sisters become self-sufficient and band together to survive. Their story is sad at times, heart warming at times, and always hopeful. I truly enjoyed this book.

Read this book of...
*you enjoy memoirs
*you love stories that take place in the 1960,s
*you love stories of family
*you love stories about sisters

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