Friday, December 27, 2013

Waking Kate

Title: Waking Kate Author: Sarah Addison Allen Publisher: St. Martin's Press Pages: 38

I own this book in Kindle format.

From Amazon:
From Sarah Addison Allen, the beloved author of Garden Spells, comes Waking Kate, a story about a woman who soon will face an unforeseen change in her life. One sticky summer day as Kate is waiting for her husband to come home from his bicycle shop, she spots her distinguished neighbor returning from his last day of work after eighty-six years at Atlanta’s oldest men’s clothing store. Over a cup of butter coffee, he tells Kate a story of love and heartbreak that makes her remember her past, question her present, and wonder what the future will bring.    

I devoured this novella as if it were made of chocolate. (This is my reaction to everything by Sarah Addison Allen.) I was immediately drawn into the Kate's story as she sees and oddly familiar man on a TV interview and then realizes he is actually her neighbor. As he reveals his own story to Kate she begins to question her own relationship and life choices.
It is hard for me to fully review this novella and the preview of the upcoming Lost Lake that follows without including spoilers. Let me say that it left me waiting on the edge of my seat for Lost Lake to arrive!
If you have never read a Sarah Addison Allen novel, you should really start today!

Read this novella if...
*you LOVE Sarah Addison Allen
*you love southern fiction

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