Sunday, May 5, 2013

Salting Roses

Title: Salting Roses Author: Lorelle Marinello Publisher: Avon Pages:313

I own this book.

From the back cover:
Gracie Lynne Calloway- once left in a coal bucket on a front porch in a small Alabama town- discovers on her twenty-fifth birthday that she is the kidnapped daughter of a late New England financier and heiress to a fortune. When the tabloid press and her unwanted greedy relatives descend on her, she has to admit the quiet secure life she's known and loved is gone for good. As Gracie struggles to stabilize her world and come to terms with her new identity, she learns that belonging is not about where you came from but who you are.

This review contains spoilers.
This book has been in my TBR pile for quite a while. Because of my love for southern fiction, I had to give it a try. It has a promising plot- a n'er do well girl from Alabama abandons her (supposed) love child on the door step of the uncle who raised her and is never seen again. Later, the child is found to be a missing heiress. I guess the story just runs a little too much toward a fairy tale for my tastes. It was certainly sweet- - just not all that believable in some parts. Why would Uncle Ben know Gracie's identity for eight years and keep it a secret?  Why did Conrad live so near Gracie and never explain the truth? Would that really happen? And, really, would Rita have abandoned the child like that and never confessed to who she was? Some of the characters were a little flat (Chantel) and some were a little too one-dimensional (Alice). All in all, I'd call this a decent beach read, but don't expect reality and DO expect some things to occur a little too conveniently. Essentially this is a southern fairy tale romance and, if that floats your boat, jump in.

Read this book if....
*you love southern fiction
*you love romance
*you love fairy tales

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