Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ghosts of America 5,6, & 7 by: Nona Lautner

Title(s): Ghosts of America 5,6,&7 Author: Nina Lautner (Kindle Editions)

I chose to review these together since they are all pretty much the same format and I read them back-to-back.  I enjoyed each of these books. As soon as I finished one, I ordered another. The books consist of true accounts of paranormal experiences from everyday people who send their stories to the Ghosts of America website.
 For the most part, these stories are entertaining and interesting. Of course, there are the occaisional stories that fall flat due to the writing style of the contributor. (I just LOVE (NOT) the ones that say "and there was even more, but I will save that for another time...") Another time??? Hello?? If it is a part of the story, tell it now! Fortunately, these minor irritations are few and far between. For the most part, these stories are sincere and well- told. A must for the lover of true paranormal.


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