Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Memory Garden by" Mary Rickert

Title: The Memory Garden Author: Mary Rickert  Publisher: Sourcebooks  2014 Pages: 284

From Amazon:

Bay Singer has bigger secrets than most.

Not that she knows about them. Her mother, Nan, is sure that the burden of those secrets would be too much, and that's why she never told anyone the truth, not even Bay.

There's a lot that Nan's kept quiet over the years, especially those times with Mavis and Ruthie—times that were dark and full of guilt. But some secrets have a power all their own, and Nan realizes she needs Mavis and Ruthie now more than ever. When the three meet again in Nan's garden, their reunion has spellbinding effects that none of them could have imagined, least of all Bay...

I enjoyed this book although, at times, it was quite difficult to follow. I was drawn to this book because of it's similarities to Sarah Addison Allen's books. A fan of her magical realism, I couldn't wait to dive in. Filled with herbal folklore, a ghost here and there, and unsolved mysteries past and present, this novel has the makings of a great tale. I DID enjoy it, I just wish the writing style has been different. Sometimes I had to stop and ask myself what in the world was going on.  This kept me from getting entirely involved. In spite of this, I will definitely give Rickert's next book a try.

Read this story if:
*you love stories with a hint of the supernatural
*you love stories with a touch of magical realism
*you love stories of friendship

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