Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stardust by: Carla Stewart

Title: Stardust Author: Carla Stewart Publisher: Faithwords Pages: 315

Georgia Peyton inherits the Stardust Hotel at a very opportune time. Her unfaithful husband has been found dead in a nearby swamp. With no way to support her two small daughters, the run-down hotel is a Godsend. However, in the times of Polio and Infantile Paralysis fears - not to mention the prejudices of a small town- life is not easy. With the help of Ludi, a black woman who worked for the former stardust owners, and Peter, a drifter, Georgia tries to start a new life.
Georgia also struggles with her own issues of having been abandoned at the Stardust years earlier by her parents. Raised by her (not exactly motherly) aunt, Georgia has had a hard life.
I will say that this story, although a little fairy-taleish in some places, deals with adoption more realistically than the last book I reviewed.  I really enjoyed the story. Not a very deep read, but still a great beach read.

Read this story if...
*you love stories set in the 1950's
*you love southern fiction

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