Saturday, April 5, 2014

Haunted Kentucky: Tales of a Conduit

Title: Haunted Kentucky: Tales of a Conduit (Kindle Edition) Author: Terri Grimes Publisher: DM Publications Pages: 167 Copyright: 2014

I found this book to be interesting- an entertaining read. However, there were parts that truly disturbed me. Mainly, the fact that so many of the ghosts asked for help, but there was little (too little) indication that they received any. I got the feeling that ghost hunting was a form of entertainment- a game- to the author, with little regard to the actual souls at stake. Any true believer will tell you that many souls are in limbo. Many are reaching out for help. If you are going to "mess" with them, then you owe them the help they ask for. A few times she mentioned offering a prayer, and at one point she even told a soul that they could escape their situation if they truly believed. I just think that, if a person is going to become involved in the paranormal, they need to give true help to souls in need. 
I did find the book to be interesting, and I do recommend it to anyone who loves accounts of true hauntings. I think anyone with an ability to reach or attract spirits should also take the responsibility that comes with that ability very seriously. I think that, if what she says is true, the author does have a unique ability. I would like to have seen more evidence of her using this ability for the good of those at stake.

Read this book if...
*you love accounts of true hauntings
*you love the paranormal
*you are interested in ghost hunting

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