Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diary of a WIldflower

Title: Diary of a Wildflower Author: Ruth White Pages: 261

From Amazon:
Ruth White bases her first novel for adults on her own mother’s early years in the Virginia mountains. Emerging from a heartbreaking childhood, Lorelei leaves Starr Mountain. As a teenager in the roaring twenties, she is dazzled by the carefree world of flappers and bobbed hair, the Charleston and the IT girl, Prohibition, and the notorious speakeasies. Most important she finds men who are handsome, well-bred, well-educated, and reek of old money. As a mere wildflower, she doubts she can ever compete with the exotic orchids in this new world. But after a sad visit back home she comes to realize her own power, which will help her break the cycle of hopelessness among the women of her family. 
As a kid you loved Belle Prater's Boy. As a teen you loved Weeping Willow. Now, as an adult, you will love Diary of a Wildflower.

Great Appalachian fiction is hard to find these days, but this novel does not disappoint. The story follows Lorelei Starr from her hard scrabble life in the Virginia mountains through years of growing up in abject poverty. With no real love from her parents, Lorelei and her siblings must depend on one another. Lorelei dreams of someday escaping this hopeless world and finds her chance as a maid to a wealthy family. This story stays true to the Appalachia of the time. It realistically portrays the people and their way of life in the early twentieth century. 
I don't want to give any spoilers, but I will say that I hated the ending to this story. It was so hard to put down and then it ended abruptly.It left me hanging, which I hate. Still, I am giving this one five stars. It is a great story. I just think the author owes us a sequel...

Read this story if...
*you love Appalachian fiction
*you love southern fiction
*you love historical fiction

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