Monday, January 14, 2013

Chicken Cheeks

Title: Chicken Cheeks Author: Michael Ian Black Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes  Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers Pages: 40

I purchased this book for my school library.

From the inside cover: (I love this!)
This story has a beginning, a middle, and a whole lot of ends.

A fellow Media Specialist first introduced me to this book.  Having 22 years experience in Early Childhood Education, I knew it would be a hit. Let's face it, potty humor is big in the rug rat race.  Little guys love to talk about rear ends, and this book is full of them- animal hineys, that is.  A bear is trying to discover a way to reach some honey waaaaay up in the top of a tree.  He enlists the help of some animal pals and, as they pile up, so does the humor.  From Polar Bear derriere to Duck-billed platypus gluteus maximus, this book keeps kids laughing.  I've read it to all ages, and they all love it!  It can be used in the classroom and library in several ways, from creative writing  (Can you think of more names for animal behinds?) to teaching cooperation. The illustrations are absolutely adorable. I purchased two copies of this for my school library, because I knew one would not be enough.  They stay in circulation. I highly recommend this book for the little people in your world.  If you can read through it without smiling even once, you might need to see a doctor. Your sense of fun is missing.

Read this book if...
*you want to make a child laugh
*you want to make yourself smile

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