Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Because You Are My Own

Title: Because You Are My Own Author: Lauren Buongiovanni Hunt Illustrator: Judith Mogul Publisher: Gingersnap Publishing Pages: 31

This book was a gift from a friend.

From the back cover:
Mama, if I were a baby penguin shivering in the snow, would you keep me warm by your belly until my down turned to feathers?

Kids ask some silly questions- but sometimes what they're really asking isn't silly at all. Inspired by questions from the author's son who was adopted from Korea, this simple story speaks volumes about a mother's love.

I love this book. It made me cry. I am an adoptive mom and also an adoptee.  I have lived both sides.  However, even birth moms, grand moms, and aunts can relate to this story. It is absolutely beautiful! With repetitive text, the baby asks the mommy question after question and she assures him, I will always know you "because you are my own". It speaks to that place inside of every mom (grand mom, aunt...)- that place inside us that loves that baby and owns that baby - that place in the heart that belongs to that baby alone. This story is a beautiful illustration of the fact that a mothers love for a baby grows within the heart, not the tummy.

Read this book if...
*there is a special child in your life
*you are and adoptive parent, grandparent, etc.


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