Monday, October 1, 2012

The Tailypo by: Paul Galdone

The Tailypo by: Paul Galdone

(I'm reviewing this book as part of my participation in the FrightFall Read-A-Thon.)

Title: The Tailypo Author: Paul Galdone
Publisher: Clarion Books Pages:  40

I borrowed this book from my own school library.

This is my all-time favorite scary children’s book!  I read it every year to all my classes at Halloween.  The student’s love it, too. They always start asking, “When do we read the Tailypo?!”   A parent recently asked me, “Do you have The Tailypo? I used to love that book!”  
This book has everything a great scary children’s book should have: suspense that builds, a bit of repetition, spooky illustrations, and – best of all- a true scary ending. No “happily ever afters” here.
An old man lives alone far out in the woods with only his three dogs for company.  While he is sleeping one night a strange creature creeps into his home.  The man quickly cuts off the creature’s tail, but it escapes.  Later that night, however, the creature returns looking for its tail…
This book is a classic, and, while not for the faint hearted, I highly recommend it.  Paul Galdone was an awesome author, and this is one of his finest.

Read this book if:
*You love a scary story
*Your child loves scary stories

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